the part where i talk about myself

I’m the creative director at Vault Communications, a PR and communications firm in the greater Philadelphia area. They’re pretty awesome — you should probably check ’em out. I love that every day presents new, unique challenges for my small but nimble creative department. Need portraits of celebs made of soft pretzels? Done! Monster-fur envelope for that proposal? On it.

me and head-licking gremlin

Ya gotta stay relevant these days, so you can find me designing for print and web, coding responsive sites (mostly for WordPress), writing and illustrating.

The smaller knucklehead on the left keeps me from all-hours freelancing, but I still take on a few projects here and there. I love helping small businesses and nonprofits look their best. I’m a big fan of volunteer design as well, so let me know if your organization needs some spiffing.

Other relevant facts: I never met a baked good I didn’t like, I’m an unrepentant social media oversharer, and if you tell me there’s something in my teeth, I will awkwardly jerk away from you and scream “DON’T LOOK AT ME!!” — but I do appreciate the tip.